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When to See a Physical Therapist
In addition to post-surgical cases, orthopaedic therapists treat conditions such as low back and neck pain, spinal stenosis, disc herniations, sciatica, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, muscle tears, joint dislocations, ankle sprains, knee pain, nerve pain and numerous other musculoskeletal problems that may cause pain, weakness, diminished range of motion and ultimately limited function in one’s daily life.


Access to Physical Therapy Services

Direct Access

The state of CA recently enacted legislation to allow individuals to seek care directly from a Physical Therapist without doctor referral.  This law allows for treatment without a referral for a period of 45 days or 12 visits, whichever comes first.

NOTE:  Some insurance companies continue to require Physician referral to reimburse for Physical Therapy Services so you will need to check with your individual insurance company directly. Please call our offices if you need any assistance with this.


Physician Referral

If you have a referral for Physical Therapy from a Physician, you may seek care from any Physical Therapist of your choosing.

Before the Initial Evaluation
Helpful hints for getting the most from your initial evaluation at Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy:

  1. Please arrive early to your scheduled appointment time:
    • 5-10 minutes – if you download, print and complete the Intake Forms prior to your first visit. This will allow sufficient time to complete your intake and collect insurance information. DOWNLOAD INTAKE FORMS HERE(2.6MB, requires Acrobat Reader)
    • 15-20 minutes – if you choose to fill out Intake Forms and Financial Policy in the clinic prior to your visit. This allows time to complete the required intake paperwork and collect insurance information to insure the maximum time with your therapist.
  2. Please bring your doctor’s referral (if any), insurance cards or paperwork and any pertinent medical test findings (x-rays, MRI, CT scan).
  3. Please wear or bring clothing, which will allow easy access to the body part to be evaluated. Fitness clothing is ideal such as sweats or shorts and a t-shirt. Athletic shoes with orthotics, if any, may be helpful.

Upon visiting our office, you should expect:

  1. An extensive evaluation including a comprehensive review of your injury history, range of motion and strength testing, joint and nerve mobility assessment and functional testing.
  2. The therapist will develop a treatment plan which includes a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and modalities such as ice, heat, electrical stimulation to achieve the patient’s goals and get them back to an optimal level of function.
  3. Manual therapy, which is a term commonly used in physical therapy and describes the process of using one’s hands to move the patient’s body with the goal of improving mobility and decreasing pain. Examples of manual therapy include joint, soft tissue and nerve mobilizations in which the therapist uses very specific techniques to increase joint mobility, stretch and loosen muscles and decrease nerve irritation
  4. Therapeutic exercise, which is implemented in order to strengthen muscles and tendons, increase range of motion and enhance joint stability. Unlike generalized exercise programs, therapeutic exercise is specifically tailored to the patient by the physical therapist to correct muscle imbalances and improve joint mechanics based on the person’s particular problem.
  5. Modalities, which may be used by your physical therapist to help decrease inflammation, pain and swelling and are usually used at the end of the therapy session.

Please contact your local Hayashida and Associates clinic if you are unsure if physical therapy is appropriate for your particular injury.

Recent News

Seeking Orthopedic/Sports Physical Therapist to join group

HAPT is currently seeking 1-2 PT’s to join our dynamic group of PT’s. Please send your resume to: info@hayashidapt.com


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