Understanding your injury or condition is one of the most critical components for long term success. Research shows that the correct understanding of “pain” and information about the condition leads to better outcomes.

Our therapists will take the time to explain your condition, any contributing factors, relevant anatomy, and the overall rehab process so you are enabled, not disabled, to achieve your goals.

Understanding Pain

Why Things Hurt

Should you have an MRI for low back pain?


Conversation on Movement: Ashton Eaton, 2x Olympic Gold-Medal Decathlete


There's research behind our work!

Hayashida Physical Therapy's sister organization, Research Institute of Human Movement, is a nonprofit dedicated to creating applicable research and community education. We believe in their vision for increasing quality of life and encourage you to click their logo below and support their work!

"I have endured five running injuries in recent years including knee, hamstring, and hip which I thought might end my 49 years of regular runs. Each time I was treated by Hayashida therapists and could return to consistent running. Hayashida prescribed exercises have prevented the same problem to recur. I highly recommend Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy for any sports injury."

Edwin P.

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