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The crew at Hayashida & Associates are knowledgeable and very competent. I feel good in their hands. I feel listened to and my concerns are always addressed with understanding.

Janet M.

I have visited Hayashida and Associates for various aches, pains and injuries over the years. I'm 71, a physician and opinionated!
I have always found the practice to be accurate in diagnosis, successful in therapy and organized. I have the highest regard for all that they do.
Thanks for keeping me moving.

Duncan T.

Great staff over at Hayashida! From front desk to PT's to aides, a lot of well informed and helpful people. I went in for lower back pain and have noticed a difference in my strength even in 8 sessions. Jason's great at answering questions and explaining how things work (and there's a lot of things to know when it comes to the body...), and sends me home with exercises and stretches to practice on my own. Very attentive staff, highly recommend.

Daisy W.

Walked in crooked as a question mark... Now I stand tall like an exclamation point!!

Whether you're a full-time desk jockey, weekend warrior or professional athlete, Hayashida & Associates is the place to go in Santa Barbara to receive outstanding treatment. It's the best of the best!!

If you're like me and your back and neck are the epicenter for pain. Maybe you rationalize it, "this is just how I am." It all changed for me when I changed my attitude to "this sucks!" I'm going to do something about it!

Lucky, (as in four leaf clover kind of lucky) a friend recommended John Kangus at Hayashida & Associates.

I can speak to the quality of John's work, which is exemplary! He helped a hunchback like me set a plan in motion.

Today, I stand tall! I've gone from feeling crappy to feeling happy!

Thanks John K.!!

Hayashida Physical Therapy is a well-run practice that has realized outstanding results for me with multiple issues. My therapist Jason Hubbard is outstanding both in terms of skill and the ability to communicate what needs to be done, by whom, and for what reasons. I had been skeptical of the benefits of physical therapy prior, but I see its full value now. The Hayshida office staff are great as well.

Paul L.

The therapist I am working with is very knowledgeable, she is always prompt & friendly and very empathetic. All the interns are very friendly also and attentive. The entire staff appears to work well together and have been polite & thoughtful. These people have helped make my injury & recovery more tolerable.

Jane B.

I have endured five running injuries in recent years including knee, hamstring, and hip which I thought might end my 49 years of regular runs. Each time I was treated by Hayashida therapists and could return to consistent running. Hayashida prescribed exercises have prevented the same problem to recur. I highly recommend Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy for any sports injury.

Edwin P.

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